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Focus Sport Bites

Focus Sport Bites

Optimal clarity is a combination of calm and focus. FOCUS Sport (v1.3) supports the brains natural ability to keep you focused under stress and is the next generation of athletic nutrition that relies completely on organic ingredients to stimulate the body and brain to function at their highest levels. In addition to Guarana, Focus Sport includes Lion’s Mane and whole non-extract organic nootropic mushroom Cordyceps Militaris for brain support.

We recommend eating FOCUS Sport 30 minutes prior to workout. FOCUS Sport sits light on the stomach for ideal workout conditions. The FOCUS Sport effect will begin within 30 minutes. Many athletes report an effect for several hours but varies person to person.

We’ve gone the extra mile to give you a better product. Most all chocolates use either cane sugar as a sweetener or lecithin in the place of cocoa butter to cut down on the cost. We use neither one. Our proprietary chocolate is sweetened with low glycemic yacon and monk fruit. It is also absent of lecithin, a soy derivative, used in place of cocoa butter.

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