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Music City

Music City
Like others, our family has been touched by Nashville's creative community.  We owe a great debt to those who have come before us to make the world and Music City a better place. They have left a legacy that continues to inspire generation after generation.  This is what moves us at eBars and the reason we are honored to pay homage to our city by creating The Music City Bar. 
The Music City Bar is a healthy snack bar as rich in taste as Nashville is in music. Whether you enjoy a glass of red wine, a bowl of ice cream or a cup of coffee, the Music City Bar is the perfect compliment!

The Music City Bar's mission is to honor our city and support those who have felt the devastation of the 2020 tornados and COVID-19.  Our team read an article that Country Music artist Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley partnered with Belmont University and The Second Harvest Food bank.  In 2020, they opened The Store, whose mission is "to empower and dignify individuals and families who are seeking self-sufficiency by providing choices for healthy food."   We were so moved by this incredible mission of "dignity" that we decided to pledge 10% of all the sales from The Music City Bar back to The Store.   

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